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South Coast Geological Society welcomes you to join our monthly meeting on Monday, July 1st at Dave & Buster’s, Orange, CA. We are thrilled to host guest speaker, Eric Lindberg, Senior Engineering Geologist with the California Water Boards and is the Chief of the South Coast Cannabis Regulatory Unit. Mr. Lindberg will present his talk titled: Cannabis, Water, and Environmental Crimes in Southern California.

Meeting Cost:
Members $30
Non-members $35
Students/Professors $15

Reservation: Please make your reservation online no later than NOON, Monday, July 1st. Walk-ins welcome, reservations preferred.  RSVP July Meeting Here

Meeting Details

Venue: Dave & Buster’s, Orange – Function Room 2.

Address: 20 City Blvd W g1, Orange, CA 92868
Meeting Schedule:
6:00 PM – Social Hour
6:30 PM – Dinner Buffet
7:15 PM – Announcements
7:30 PM – Presentation
8:30 PM – Questions/Meeting Adjourned


The passage of Prop. 64 ushered in a new era of legal cannabis cultivation and recreational consumption in California. However, many cities and counties in Southern California continue to prohibit the commercial cultivation of cannabis. Local law enforcement is tasked with raiding and eradicating illegal grows, and prosecutors rely on agencies such as the State and Regional Water Boards and the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to document violations of environmental laws, which can be felony enhancements on what would otherwise be a misdemeanor charge of unpermitted cultivation.

As Chief of the South Coast Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory Unit, Mr. Lindberg will describe some of the environmental crimes that his unit has witnessed in their efforts to regulate water use and wastewater discharges associated with the new commercial cannabis cultivation industry. His unit has participated in search warrant inspections of illegal cannabis cultivation sites where discharges of wastes, including chemical pesticides, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, and worse have entered California’s streams and rivers.

Speaker Information:

Eric Lindberg is a Senior Engineering Geologist with the California Water Boards and is the Chief of the South Coast Cannabis Regulatory Unit. The Water Boards’ Cannabis Program regulates water use and waste discharges from cultivation operations to minimize the effects of cannabis cultivation on fisheries, wildlife, and water quality; and to protect beneficial uses of California’s water resources. The South Coast Unit operates in the Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and San Diego Regions. Mr. Lindberg has 13 years’ experience in hydrogeology, water resources management, groundwater quality investigations, agricultural regulation, and salt and nutrient management programs.