South Coast Geological Society

Presidents Corner (May, 2021)

Dear friends,

We have so many good tidings this month – the most exciting news is that we have successfully reserved our group campground for the annual field trip for October 8-10, 2021.  Our trip will explore the San San Jacinto and San Andreas faults in light of recent field studies and research on both faults.  You won’t want to miss this trip – it coincides with our 50th anniversary as a Society and will be the 40th anniversary of the 1981 San Jacinto field trip! We will be camping at Hurkey Creek campground in Mountain Center on Friday (optional) and Saturday nights, with our traditional local barbeque dinner on Saturday night along with some amateur astronomers sharing their high-power telescopes for an old-fashioned star party.   

With that exciting news, we also request you consider a Corporate Sponsorship which will help keep our individual field trip costs low.  Our website has recently been renovated (check it out at and the Corporate Sponsorship link is up and running – please remember if you prefer not to pay via Pay Pal, just fill out the form and send a check payable to SCGS at P.O. Box 10244, Santa Ana, 92711.  Don’t worry, we will be happy to take your donations/sponsorships in any way provided!  We also have a fantastically convenient “Donate” button on the home page of the website and Eventbrite is also an easy way to donate when you sign up for our monthly meetings!

Please join us for our next meeting on Monday June 7 – which will be our annual joint meeting with San Diego Association of Geologists.  We are happy to welcome Travis Clow, who will be presenting on long term coastal cliff retreat in Del Mar, California.  He performed the research for this study with Dr. Jane Willenbring who was one of the scientists featured in the film “Picture A Scientist”, brought to you by SCGS and the Association for Women Geoscientists last September.

As always, thank you for attending our last monthly meeting with Justin Hagerty of the USGS Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.  While the audio was intermittent, his slides, videos and geologic maps of the Lunar surface were absolutely captivating.  Justin promises to reach out to us next time he is in southern California for an in-person presentation.

I know we are all starting to get Zoom-fatigue, but hold tight for a few more months and I think we will be able to meet again in person before too long.  I am most definitely looking forward to it.I hope you are all doing well and getting your vaccinations!  I get my second shot this week and I couldn’t be happier. I had no idea how much of a relief getting my first shot was going to be, I was grinning ear to ear and greeting every “guest control” volunteer at the Anaheim Convention Center with a hearty hello and smile. I felt like I had one the lottery and I can only imagine the relief I will have in two weeks when I can hug my parents and friends again!

Take care and see you soon,

Lynne Yost
SCGS President 


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