South Coast Geological Society

Welcome to South Coast Geological Society

Happy New Year friends,
We made it! 2020 is finally over and we got to ring in the new year much the same as we celebrated every milestone event last year – quietly and at home.  Unfortunately, 2021 is starting in a similar fashion to spring of last year, but I am hopeful that we will be able to have in-person meetings this summer and a field trip in the fall (even if we have to resort to a do-it-yourself trip).

THANK YOU to all our members for the donations that poured in over the last three months! Through your generosity and kindness, we reached and even surpassed our goal by raising $10,560 in our crowdfunding campaign.  We can’t express our gratitude enough and we are overwhelmed by your contributions.  As promised, we have already put some of the funding to good use and have hired a consultant to update our website and create an online store for our publications. 
Thanks to those of you who joined us for our virtual holiday party – the creative and, in some cases, hideous holiday attire was delightful.  The geology trivia games were fun and challenging, and some questions inspired jovial debates.  A good time was had by all and we plan to offer more geo-trivia games in the upcoming virtual meetings.

We are teaming up with San Diego Association of Geologists for our upcoming January meeting (don’t worry, we will still hold our annual joint meeting in June or July with SDAG).  Please join us on January 20th to hear Paul Burgess of the California Geological Survey discuss the mapping and documentation of over 40 separate landslide and debris flow events that occurred in April of 2020 in northern San Diego County.  These slope failures occurred within 48 hours of the largest recorded rainfall in northern San Diego County. 


As always, please help our medical community and first responders by limiting social interactions and wearing a mask.  It’s truly not too much to ask and we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to stay safe.  Please reach out if you need help or just want to hear a friendly voice!

Cheers to a better 2021!

Lynne Yost
SCGS President