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APRIL 2021

Greetings friends,

I hope you are all doing well and getting your vaccinations!  I get my second shot this week and I couldn’t be happier. I had no idea how much of a relief getting my first shot was going to be, I was grinning ear to ear and greeting every “guest control” volunteer at the Anaheim Convention Center with a hearty hello and smile. I felt like I had one the lottery and I can only imagine the relief I will have in two weeks when I can hug my parents and friends again!
We have exciting field trip news as we are diligently working on the logistics, guidebook and road log! As soon as we can book the group campground, we will have actual dates to share, but we are planning for early October. Taylor and I spent a fantastic day in the field with Nate Onderdonk visualizing the San Jacinto pull-apart basin, finding the remnants of his old fault trenches (some of which are ¼-mile long!), observing the Hot Creek fault lineaments, and exploring the campground and Garner Valley.  
Our next meeting will be Monday May 3rd.  We have unofficially decided that May is our planetary geology month, with last year’s first Zoom meeting consisting of a discussion on the geology of Mars by Bob Anderson of JPL.  This May we are excited to introduce Justin Hagerty of the USGS Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.  He will give us a history of the facility and their research as well as some insight into what we have learned about the evolution of our own little lunar satellite.

Thank you for attending our April meeting – Brenna Quigley shared her enthusiasm for the Santa Barbara wine region and its terroir, geology and microclimates.  The first season of her podcast “Roadside Terroir” is out now and available wherever you download your podcasts.  It dives deeper into the idea of terroir, gently combining geology, soil stratigraphy, geomorphology and climate into these smaller wine regions.  I’m looking forward to doing some exploring at the wineries she suggested, including: Tyler, Holus Bolus, Story of the Soil, Stolpman, Melville, Larner (Mike Larner is a geologist), Kunin/The Valley Project, Whitcraft, Potek, and Au Bon Climat.

Finally, please save the date for the Cal State Fullerton 12th Annual Spring Research Day! Once again, SCGS will support students presenting their hard work and research by attending, judging, and awarding cash prizes for posters! This will be hosted via an online webinar on Friday, April 30th (time to be determined) and details to follow soon.   
We are eagerly looking forward to when we can get together again in person.


Lynne Yost
SCGS President